Hand-coiled and sculpted pieces inspired by the ancient rocky outcrops of Charnwood Forest

Exhibition, Henley-on-Thames - Oct 2017

Hole Dishes

Inspired by Charnwood

Queen Camel, Somerset - July 2017

A week-long visit to a Somerset pottery where Margaret was originally inspired over thirty-five years ago. Still in his original home Douglas Philips and his wife Jennie continue to inspire students with wood and Raku-firing techniques. This year Margaret enjoyed experimenting with a variety of clay.

Ceramics & Wood : Works

A collabration with clay and wood inspired by the nature of Charnwood Forest - where ancient woodland and powerful rocky outcrops influence the design of a ceramicist and woodworker. After a chance meeting at Thorntree Farm an opportunity arose to bring together the two original styles.

Light Vases

The original series of ceramic art vases, each with experimental 'holes' glazed and burned into the matte finish. Experimentation with different mixes of clay produces wonderfully light and textured shapes, each with added depth as light dapples through.